About Adrian

My life is focused on spiritual work for the environment, and over twenty years of meditation practice and research have taught me that mindfulness is a powerful pathway to nature connection. Although there are other pathways of connection, mindfulness in nature is a simple and deeply healing practice.

I have trained with several nature connection mentors including Jon Young as part of the Nature Culture Network. I have a private practice as a Counselling Psychotherapist in Exeter and specialize in outdoor therapy.

I have lectured at The Eden Project, the University of Winchester, Essex University, University of Cardiff and York St. John University.

My workshops draw on all of the above - and a wealth of wisdom from many other sources.

I maintain the eco-philosophy site the green fuse and edit Embodiment Resources.


My PhD. thesis on The Wisdom of the Body: Embodied Knowing in Eco-Paganism was completed in July 2008. The Embodiment Resources website has more information on my academic work.

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