About Adrian

My life is focused on spiritual work for the environment, and over twenty years of meditation practice and research have taught me that mindfulness is a powerful pathway to nature connection. Although there are other pathways of connection, mindfulness in nature is a simple and deeply healing practice.

I've presented my work at The Eden Project and have facilitated workshops for Exeter University, The University of the Arts, London, Integration Training, OrganicLea workers' cooperative and many others.

My workshops draw on all of the above - and a wealth of wisdom from many other sources.

I have trained with several nature connection mentors including Jon Young as part of the Nature Culture Network. I have a private practice as a Counselling Psychotherapist in Exeter and specialize in outdoor therapy.

I maintain the eco-philosophy site the green fuse and edit Embodiment Resources.


My PhD. thesis on The Wisdom of the Body: Embodied Knowing in Eco-Paganism was completed in July 2008. The Embodiment Resources website has more information on my academic work.

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